Artist Simply Human (ASH) Convention

Dance Makers Convention (OPTIONAL)

JUMP tour Convention

Beyond The Stars Dance Competition

Nexstar Dance Competition

Lehigh Valley Dance Challenge (OPTIONAL) 

Backstage Dance Competititon

Show Stoppers Dance Competition


The purpose of the Asylum Competition Team is to provide the more serious dancer with a program offering enrichment for those who wish to excel to the “next level” and demonstrate a genuine desire to commit themselves to furthering their advancement in the art of dance.

Competition requires special instruction, students and parents…it requires time, talent, dedication and regard for one another as team members. Our mutual positive attitude assures success!

Asylum Competition Teams
Tiny: Ages 4-7
Mini: Ages 7-10
Junior: Ages 11-13

Teen: 13 -15
Senior: Ages 15-18
*Final Level Placement By Managerial Approval*


Competition Team Members will have an additional monthly tuition fee to be used accordingly as a “personal competition expense account” and to compensate instructors for additional rehearsal time.


Competition Team Members will be required to take a minimum of 6 mandatory classes to remain active members: Recreational Level/Age Ballet & Team Ballet Technique, Recreational Level/Age Jazz & Team Jazz Technique, Team Choreography Class, and an additional recreational class of the students choosing.


Competition Styles of Dance will be determined by the instructor based on the individual teams strengths. (i.e.: Tiny Team may compete in Jazz and Tap, Mini Team may compete in Jazz and Contemporary, etc.)


Asylum Selective Competition Teams

Throughout the year, Asylum instructors may decide to add additional competition groups. These groups may be composed of ANY Competition Team Member on ANY Competition Team Level. Students must be asked by an Asylum instructor to be part of their “selective team” – students may then accept or decline (without any repercussions) to be part of said team. Should the student choose to accept the instructors selective team invitation, the students account will incur a small additional monthly fee for rehearsals (as this will not be a regularly scheduled class option – unless the student is on the “Unlimited Class Status, in which case, a selective team may be included).