When And Where: May 21 at the studio

When And Where: May 21st The Studio
How To Pay: Exact Cash / Check (PER ENVOLOPE) ​

Photos are scheduled as a 5-10 minute time block PER COSTUME, pre-paid individual photos will be taken by Photographer Janet from Pixology, FORMS WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU ONCE PICTURE TIME IS SCHEDULED

 BOOKING LINK: Available Monday May 2nd at 5pm

Please come dressed in your first costume and bring others if your child is in more than one dance you wish to be photographed * Make Checks Out To: Pixology *

Picture Forms: You Must have one FORM per each class with an individual check written out. This will help keep everything organized (Only Exact Cash And Checks Will Be Accepted)

Picture Day / Recital Day Hair and Makeup

Picture day please put make up on as if you were going out for the day / For recital apply makeup heavier so child's face does not get washed out by stage lights *


  • Long Hair: High Pony Tail
  • Short Hair: For short hair have pinned back into a high/ low pony tail - or- High Low Ponytail
  • Curly Hair/ Natural Hair: Neatly Pinned Away From Face | Braids | Protective Hair Styles Away From Face


Any Make Up That Matches Colors Depicted In Tutorial Works

  • Ages 8 & Under: Gold Lid | Winged Eyeliner
  • Ages: 9+: Gold Smokey Eye | Winged Eyeliner


All Ages: Red


All Ages Pink

Photo Order forms will be Emailed to you once your time block is scheduled. You should have a FORM PER CLASS that you wish to receive pictures for, Each FORM MUST contain the EXACT AMOUNT for pictures ordered (Cash/ Checks ONLY). During Picture Day, parents will not be allowed into the photo room and may not take any of your own photos inside the photo room, out of respect for the professional photographer. Picture Day a busy time so we thank you in advance for your cooperation!