When And Where: May 6- 9th at the studio

Dance class groups & pre-paid individual photos will be taken by a professional photographer Janet from Pixology, during the week of May 6-9th. Photos will be taken during normal class time, when not having photos taken teachers will run a dress rehearsal in the Red and Blue Room.

In order to be in the class photo dancers need to be in attendance during their photo day/time (Even if you do not plan on ordering photos dancers must come to class dressed in costume). Please arrive 5-10 prior to your assigned class time. Please come dressed in your first costume and bring others if you have more than one class photo in a day.

* Make Checks Out To: Pixology

* Picture Packets: You Must  have one packet per each class with an individual check written out. This will help keep everything organized
        (Only Exact Cash And Checks Will Be Accepted)

Picture Day / Recital Day  Hair and Makeup

Picture day please put make up on as if you were going out for the day / For recital apply makeup heavier so child's face does not get washed out by stage lights

* Hair: Slicked Back High Center Ponytail (Black / Brown / Blonde Hair Tie To Match Hair Color)

* Makeup: Brown Smokey Eye

* Eye Liner: Black Winged Liner (Cats Eye)

* Lipstick: Red Lipstick

* Blush: Pink

If your dancer is not able to place hair in a ponytail, they can do the slicked back half up/half down hairstyle. Please have all hair off the face and slicked back if possible to see the dancer’s face on stage.

Photo Order forms will be sent home and at the studio by the end of April. You should have a packet PER CLASS that you wish to receive pictures for, Each packet MUST contain the EXACT AMOUNT for pictures ordered (Cash/ Checks ONLY).

During photo week, parents will not be allowed into the photo room and may not take any of your own photos inside the photo room, out of respect for the professional photographer. Teachers will escort each class to the photo room and pose the group and individual dancers. Photo week is a busy time so we thank you in advance for your cooperation!
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Dance Class Photo Week    Information