Creative Movement Classes Ages 2-3


Combination Classes Ages 3-8

$65 For Both Combination Gymnastics / Combination Dance

Level Classes Ages 8+
All Classes $65  add =$22.50 for each additional class


**If a child is in competition Team half off for solo/dou/trio.. IF more than 2 solos child can only perform top two scoring solos at recital**

Solo - half hr $100 and $50 for additional half hr

Competition -  half hr $50 and  $25 for additional half hr

Duo/Trio- ½ hr class $50 each student / Competition $25 Each Student

               1hr class   $75 each student / Competition $38 Each Student

First Child                                                     Each Additional Child      

1 Class/week -    $65/month                     1 Class/week -    $45/month

2 Classes/week - $87.5/month                 2 Classes/week - $67.5/month

3 Classes/week - $110/month                  3 Classes/week - $90/month 

4 Classes/week - $132.5/month              4 Classes/week - $112.5/month

5 Classes/week - $155/month                  5 Classes/week - $135/month

6 Classes/week - $177.5/month               6 Classes/week - $157.5/month

7 Classes/week - $200/month                  7 Classes/week- $180/month

UNLIMITED-    $205/month                        8 UNLIMITED - $185/month








Competition Teams Requirements

There is a $35 dollar charge per month to be in team

  • $20 goes to personal account to use for competitions
  • $15 goes to studio to pay teachers and space for extra practices when needed

* Team must take mandatory classes to be able to perform*

    Must take Ballet, Jazz, and one other form of their choosing with regular dance     

Tuition for classes will be 3 classes added on to total of all classes

  • Team choreography - 45 min
  • Team Ballet                45 min
  • Team Jazz                  45 min

*If throughout the year a teacher decides they want to create a group for competition, because they are inspired or has a creative idea. Teacher may only ask team members who have their tuition up to date.  Students are not allowed to demand to be part of those dances. Students may also turn down invitation without any repercussions.

IF asked Tuition will only be raised ($20 a month) Unless they are part of the Unlimited Dance Status then it goes with their Unlimited Status