It's time for your dancer to get Glam, here is all you will need to get ready for recital! We made it simple and easy for parents to get your child ready for recital. We do not expect perfection so do not stress yourself out or your dancer (this is why make up wipes are made).


Long Hair: High Pony Tail

Short Hair: For short hair have pinned back into a high/ low pony tail

Curly Hair/ Natural Hair: Neatly Pinned Away From Face  |  Braids | Protective Hair Styles Away From Face

EYE MAKEUP - Any Make Up That Matches Colors Depicted In Tutorial Works

Combo Class Age Group: Gold Lid | Winged Eyeliner 

Ages: 8+: Gold Smokey Eye  Winged Eyeliner 

Eyeshadow Tutorial:

Winged Liner Tutorial:

Make Up Suggestion: 

Eyeshadow Elf Bite- Size Cream & Sugar:

​Eye Liner:


All Ages: Red


All Ages Pink