Rehearsal Schedule Release Date: 3/25/19


When: June 8th 9:30- 3 PM

Where: Nitchsmann Middle School 

Address: 1002 W Union Blvd, Bethlehem, PA 18018

Please be in costume & sitting with your class by the time listed above. Dress rehearsal are EXTREMELY important & mandatory for all dancers.

• At dress rehearsals please arrive quietly 15 minutes ahead of time dressed in your first costume and sit with the class of your first dance (from the order of rehearsal listed above) Class chaperones will have signs for each class and be sitting in the rows assigned and listed above.

• You are responsible for tights, shoes, and hair. Dancers do NOT need to wear any make-up for the dress rehearsals. See bulletin board and other notes for what is required. Hair must be pulled back and away from the face – see instructor for specifics if head pieces are included. No jewelry; leave all valuables at home. No panties under the tights, please. • Absolutely NO RUNNING in the auditorium. Stay in the auditorium unless escorted by a class parent.

• Absolutely NO smoking, EATING, GUM, or DRINKING in the auditorium. You can eat a snack in the backstage area/ dressing room area or in the lobby. Please be careful if eating in your costume. Bring a big shirt to put over your costume if you are going to eat or drink anything in your costume.

• NO TALKING BACKSTAGE or in the auditorium during the rehearsal.

• Dancers will be able to watch the rehearsal from the auditorium. They will sit with their class chaperone so we can keep all boys & girls together. You are responsible for your child before and after their rehearsal time. Class chaperones will have big signs to help identify the group. • Please pick up after yourself. We want to leave Nitschmann cleaner than when we came in.

• Dressing room assignments for rehearsals and performances will be posted backstage.

• Siblings are not encouraged to attend the rehearsal. If they must, they need to be closely supervised.

• You may videotape the rehearsal, but may NOT take any photos or videos of the formal performance recital.