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Our Faculty

Inspiring Leadership Through Example

Mr. Gregory Marchetti

Owner / Asylum Dance Project Director
Instructor, Bethlehem PA

Mr. Greg's journey in the world of dance is as impressive as it is inspiring. After earning his BFA in Dance from the University of the Arts, he embarked on a global adventure, traveling the world while working with Holland American Cruise Lines. His experiences abroad undoubtedly enriched his understanding and appreciation of dance in diverse cultural contexts.

Despite his exciting career on the cruise lines, Mr. Greg's heart ultimately led him to education. As the Director of Asylum, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of dancers, sharing his expertise and passion with aspiring artists. His commitment to education doesn't end there; he also serves as a judge for the Star Dance Alliance and is actively involved with Believe Dance Competition, further contributing to the dance community at large. Mr. Greg's multifaceted background and dedication to dance education make him a true asset to the dance world. His impact extends beyond the studio, influencing and inspiring dancers and educators alike.

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Ms. Carrie
Instructor, Bethlehem PA

Faculty Member /Head Faculty Member of the Dreamers' Program

Ms. Carrie possesses a rare talent for working with very young dancers, a skill that is not easily found. Her ability to connect with children goes beyond teaching dance steps; it's about creating a nurturing and supportive environment where young dancers feel safe to explore and express themselves. Ms. Carrie is currently our instructor the head faculty member of the Dreamer's Competitive Program. Aside from dedicating her time at Asylum Dance Project, she is the Activities Director at the Emmaus Area School District.


Competitive Faculty Member

Ms. Natalia
Instructor, Bethlehem PA

Ms. Natalia's choreography for "Asylum" has won her numerous awards, highlighting her exceptional talent and creativity. Her movement style is breathtaking, captivating audiences with its beauty and emotional depth. Her concepts are innovative and thought-provoking, pushing the boundaries of traditional dance and storytelling. Through her choreography, she creates a world on stage that is both mesmerizing and profound, leaving a lasting impression on all who witness it. As Ms. Natalia continues to grow and evolve as an educator, "Asylum" is proud to have played a role in her development. Her passion for dance and dedication to her students are evident in everything she does, and she is truly making a difference in the lives of those she teaches.

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Ms. Paula

Instructor, Bethlehem PA

Faculty Member

Ms. Paula's connection to dance runs deep, having danced with Mr. Greg for well over 15 years. Their shared history and mutual respect made it an easy decision for him to bring her in as a faculty member. Dance is not just a hobby for Ms. Paula; it's her passion, her calling. The studio isn't just a place where she teaches; it's her home, where she feels most alive and connected. Her heart has always been in the studio, and her love for dance shines through in her teaching. She instills that same passion and dedication in her students, creating a supportive and inspiring environment where they can grow and flourish. Ms. Paula's commitment to dance and to her students makes her an invaluable member of the studio faculty, and her impact is felt by all who have the privilege of learning from her.

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