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About Asylum Dance Project

Since 2016

Founded in 2016, Asylum Dance Project is known in Bethlehem and the neighboring communities for its exceptional dance training and personal development. 

Awarded Lehigh Valley Style "Best Studio" In the Valley, Association of Dance Competitions & Conventions "Studio Of Excellence", Best Technique, Excellence in Choreography. 

Asylum Dance Project has a large variety of classes for every skill level from beginner to professional. Whether you are interested in a career in dance or looking to have some fun through a great form of exercise, we have a class that’s right for you.


The Asylum Experience 

  • Dancers safely pushed to their own potential

  • The knowledge to help a dancer attain their desired skill set

  • Keeping a positive and inviting learning environment 

  • Giving a place to let a dancer become their authentic self

  • A safe place for a child to become whoever they want to be 


When choosing Asylum, you will find different programs to give the desired amount of education. 

Our recreational program is the heart of our studio.  This program nurtures the love of dance in a safe personal paced learning environment.   Our competitive program enhances the dancers skill sets to compete safely in this ever growing industry.  From the dancer who just wants to know something about dance to the dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Asylum has everything to offer and no dream is to big to unlock at Asylum Dance Project 


Our Story

How Asylum Came To Be

Asylum was being created way before the doors of Asylum were unlocked for the young dancers. When Mr. Greg was getting ready to hang up his professional dancing shoes,  He envisioned a dance studio to mimic his childhood dance experience.  Somewhere children could grow to love the art of dance, able to feel like they belong, and education that is nurturing to the soul.  
Mr. Greg had reservations about opening the studio but it wasn't until he found the love of his husband Mr. Louis, that unlocked a dream so it could become reality.  The love and support shown by Mr. Louis gave Mr. Greg the courage to fulfill his dream.  This became their dream.
Mr. Greg and Mr. Louis poured everything they had emotionally, physically and financially to get the doors open to the community . They endured the growing pains of a new business and learned from all the bumps along the way.  They both hope a child feels they can accomplish anything walking into the dance rooms and leaving feeling the same courage they both had opening Asylum Dance Project.

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